10.1. Policy. The Program shall be governed by a Board of Directors pursuant to its Bylaws.  Its function is an integral part of the proper procedures for the effective management of the Program.  In addition to the express Bylaw terms, the following procedures will apply to the activity of the Board.

10.2. Board of Directors.  The Program shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors (“Board”) shall have members who are eighteen (18) years or older and committed to the vision and mission of 1st Step.  At all times there shall be between seven (7) and thirty (30) members.  The duties of the Board are set forth in Section 4.2 of the 1st Step Bylaws.

10.2.1. Financial Commitment. Every Board member shall, to the extent of his or her ability, make an annual financial contribution to the Program to ensure 100% Board commitment at all times.

10.2.2. Attendance. Board members are expected to attend all monthly and special called meetings.  Four absences per calendar year for any reason other than illness shall be the basis for a request from the Board for the resignation of that member.

10.2.3.. Conflict of Interest. All Directors, Officers and staff of the Program are expected to carry out their respective duties in a manner to avoid actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.  All such persons may have professional and business associations in addition to their Program involvement.  However, they have an affirmative duty to exercise impartial, ethical and business-based judgments in fulfilling their responsibilities to the Program. Board members at all times should adhere to and agree, in writing, to comply with the Program Conflict of Interest Policy. At the beginning of each topic for discussion or decision, each Board member shall voice any actual or perceived conflict of interest on the issue.

10.2.4. Meeting Place and Time. Until modified by a vote of the Board, regular Board meetings shall be on the second Thursday of each month at noon at the Program office:  121 N. Greenwood Ave. Suite D, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120.

10.2.5. Agenda and Financial Reports. The President of the Program shall be responsible to ensure that an agenda and the most recent financial statements are delivered, mailed or emailed to each Board member in advance of the meeting.

10.3. Executive Director. Day to day operations of the Program shall be managed by the Executive Director who shall, (unless a position is created by the Board) also serve as Case Manager for all of the Participants. The Executive Director should be qualified and experienced, possessing management skills and a working knowledge of the Tulsa area criminal justice system and the basic concepts and best practices in alternatives to incarceration. Minimum qualifications for the 1st Step Executive Director position are: a bachelor’s degree from a four (4) year college or university, five (5) years of experience either in criminal law, applied criminology or non-profit organization management. The Executive Director shall be a full time W-2 employee and not a consultant or independent contractor. Compensation shall be in the form of a salary and not an hourly wage. The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director shall be defined by the Board of Directors and may be modified from time to time.  The qualifications, compensation, benefits, duration, duties and responsibilities for the Executive Director shall be in the form of a written agreement approved in advance by the Board of Directors and executed by the Executive Director and the President.

10.4. Committees. Pursuant to Section 4.8 of the Bylaws, the Board may create committees as necessary to further its duties and responsibilities.  The Board shall select the members of each committee and the chairman.  At least one of the members shall be a Board member. Committee meetings shall be set by the chairperson at a time and place convenient to its members.  Whenever a committee meets for the purpose of taking action or recommending action by the Board, one of its members shall take minutes and report them to the Board if requested by the President.  The chairperson of each committee shall give a report of committee activity at each Board meeting unless instructed otherwise by the President. Other members may be but are not required to be Board members. Standing Committees shall include:

10.4.1. Executive Committee – shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. In the discretion of the Board an additional at-large member may be added from among the Board.

10.4.2. Policies and Procedures Committee– shall be responsible for developing and maintaining all policies and procedures to ensure consistent and effective program components and operational systems

10.4.3. Scientific Committee – shall be responsible for (1) ensuring that the Program is at all times using best practices in the design and implementation of its program; and, (2) collecting and analyzing data relating to treatment and recidivism. This committee is responsible for maintaining relevant data, organizing data, researching best practices in criminology applicable to diversion programs and educating the Board and providers, as appropriate, on all aspects of the delivery of  Program services.  This committee shall also publish findings and reports, from time to time, in the broader interest of correcting criminal behavior among the Program target population and society generally.

10.4.4. Housing Committee – shall be responsible for implementing policies and arranging the availability of safe, secure and comfortable housing for the Participants during Phase I and other later Phases as necessary in accordance with the Case Plan.

10.4.5. Mentorship Committee – shall be responsible for recruiting, screening, training, supporting and monitoring male mentors for the benefit of the Participants.

10.4.6. Fundraising Committee –  is responsible for identifying potential grant and donation sources, applying for grants and donations and maintaining an ongoing cumulative list of past and prospective grantors and donors for both operating and capital funding.

10.5. Non-Profit Policy.  The Program, its Board of Directors, Officers, employees and service providers are all committed to the non-profit nature of the Program.  No person working for or associated with the Program shall benefit in any financial sense from that association other than to receive a fair and reasonable payment for services and/or salary.  No Director or Officer shall be compensated for his or her service; provided that actual, reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by such persons may be reimbursed.  Strict proof supporting the amount to be reimbursed shall be submitted to and approved by the Treasurer.

10.6. Compliance.  The Board shall be responsible for ensuring the proper and timely filing of an annual 990 federal tax return and all other filings, state or federal, required of 1st Step as a tax exempt organization.

10.7. Ethical Conduct.  All Board Members, Officers, employees and service providers shall adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct when dealing with the Participants, the Court, the District Attorney, law enforcement,  families of Participants and the general public.  Whenever confidentiality is required, such as attorney-client and physician/therapist-patient, the Program and its representatives shall respect and abide by those considerations.  All  Program representatives shall act in the best interest of the Participants, but without sacrificing adherence to law and ethical conduct.

10.8. Tax Reporting.  The Board shall be responsible for ensuring the proper and timely filing of an annual 990 federal tax return and all other filings, state or federal, required of the Program as a tax exempt organization.


Over 13,000 people are incarcerated in Oklahoma for non-violent crimes.

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